Elliot Brings the Cyberpunk SciFi to Indie Cinema

We’re excited to present something different tonight, an insane Cyberpunk SciFi Thriller shot on VHS from Craig Jacobson called “Elliot”.

Set in the dark depths of a strictly controlled universe, enter the world of a lonely maintenance worker named ELLIOT who struggles to discover his true identity only to fall down a hellish rabbit hole of self disgust and harsh inner truths.

Pre-sales start 3/12/20 at 7pm EST and will show as sold out until then, limited to just 50 Blurays ever, with copies expected to start shipping early May. Grab your presale copy and save!


“This is a bold, bizarre trip into some wild uncharted territory. There’s nothing remotely like it in genre filmmaking at any level from no-budget independents to studio pictures…” – Jason Coffman, Daily Grindhouse​

“…a harrowing walkabout, a VHS crucible for the social media age.” – Kyle Jonathan, TheMovie Sleuth​

“…a wonderfully strange, layered and surreal experience; a shot on VHS film with a great deal to say and a beautiful way of saying it.” –Jamie Marino, Morbidly Beautiful​

“…for the viewer who has built an armour-plated brain-case, made strong by loads of movies which try something different, that venture as far as possible on a low budget.” – Jamie Dunn, Severed Cinema​

“…a profoundly gut wrenching journey that’s deeply affecting.” -Jeremiah Rosario, Thirteenth Floor