Screener Requests

Hello all,

We get many, many, many request for screeners. Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate all. If we did, these movies would never turn a profit lol.

We do not supply screeners of any form for the limited editions. They are just too limited and the profit margin too meager.

For our movies in wide release, you can try MVD at Admittedly they get too many requests as well, so they may just put you on a waiting list. It’s a start at least. Please though, if you do get a screener, and enjoyed the movie, please post a review – on your site, on IMDB, Amazon, Walmart, Itunes, etc anywhere you see it for sale, let the potential fans know this a work they need to see!

We do appreciate the coverage – it can often be a big help to underground movies. But we rely on the sales as well – if you can, please buy a copy and then review it. If the more expensive limited editions break your budget (we’ll note, you can often resell these for same price you paid, and even more, as they are that limited and collectible), then you could wait for the lower price Vimeo or wide releases.  We have found the most viral form of PR is when a customer actually buys a movie, enjoys it, and shares it (with an actual picture of the physical media they bought) on their social media platforms and across these above mentioned sites, so please do spread the word!

Thank you for your continued support of indie movies!