SRS Cinema has offered worldwide physical media and digital distribution since 1992.

Our rollout for most motion pictures is as follows:

During months 1-6

  • Exclusive SRS online only limited edition Blu-Ray, DVD and/or VHS releases

During month 6-18

  • National and/or Worldwide DVD release
  • VOD release
  • Foreign rights licensing
  • Merchandising

We are constantly working to increase our already sizable direct customer fan base. We do understand that, to many filmmakers, seeing their movies exposed on a nationwide or even worldwide level is important, but the fact is a lot of these outlets (Walmart, Netflix) are not very profitable for the filmmakers. Our plan is two-fold: 1) The biggest profits will come from direct to retail customers, so we will continue to build the fan base in order to maximize the profits for the filmmaker with limited edition releases while expanding exposure for the motion pictures; 2) We will then roll the movie out on a national level in order to gain more exposure for the filmmaker, but end results could range from hefty profits to hefty losses (or anything in between) depending on how well the motion picture is received by these mainstream outlets and audiences. We are always working to increase the chances of global success for the motion pictures with more focused promotional efforts such as creating artwork and trailers that best resonate with the buyers.

Please email info@srscinema.com if you have any questions, seek additional info, or would like to submit your work for distribution. Thank you.