Elliot Bluray
Elliot Bluray

Elliot Bluray

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Set in the dark depths of a strictly controlled universe, enter the world of a lonely maintenance worker named ELLIOT who struggles to discover his true identity only to fall down a hellish rabbit hole of self disgust and harsh inner truths.

"This is a bold, bizarre trip into some wild uncharted territory. There’s nothing remotely like it in genre filmmaking at any level from no-budget independents to studio pictures..." – Jason Coffman, Daily Grindhouse

“...a harrowing walkabout, a VHS crucible for the social media age." – Kyle Jonathan, TheMovie Sleuth

“...a wonderfully strange, layered and surreal experience; a shot on VHS film with a great deal to say and a beautiful way of saying it." –Jamie Marino, Morbidly Beautiful

"...for the viewer who has built an armour-plated brain-case, made strong by loads of movies which try something different, that venture as far as possible on a low budget." – Jamie Dunn, Severed Cinema

"...a profoundly gut wrenching journey that's deeply affecting." -Jeremiah Rosario, Thirteenth Floor


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