War of the God Monsters Blu-Ray

War of the God Monsters Blu-Ray

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Aka "The Flying Monster/ 비천괴수(bicheongoesu)"

A young reporter named Kang Ok-hee is writing a story about the theories of Dr. Kim, a scientist who believes that dinosaurs still exist in the modern world. When gigantic creatures suddenly appear and cause massive destruction, the doctor and journalist must find a way to save the world.

Extras (so far)
-Official Trailer
-Kaiju Trailers
-SRS Trailers
-Reversible art

This lost kaiju movie from Korea has never been released in the USA before! Limited edition, only1000 pressed discs will be sold. Order early and save!

We include free mini-posters AS SUPPLIES LAST. These are FREE and folded with your physical media, and not part of the actual purchase, just a bonus, again, as supplies last. However, you can opt to have your poster(s) shipped rolled here. (see the link for more answers to your questions). 


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