Space Monster Wangmagwi Blu-ray
Space Monster Wangmagwi Blu-ray
Space Monster Wangmagwi Blu-ray
Space Monster Wangmagwi Blu-ray
Space Monster Wangmagwi Blu-ray

Space Monster Wangmagwi Blu-ray

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Aliens from another world seeking the conquest of Earth invade with flying saucers. They unleash a gigantic monster called Wangmagwi, who destroys everything in its path. The Air Force, led by ace pilot Ahn Hee, is dispatched, but can do little in such still heavily populated areas. Amidst the carnage, the Space Monster picks up Ahn Hee’s bride, Oh Jeong-hwan, carrying her along as it carries out the alien orders. However, when it tries to crush a young boy, named Spider, the kid evades the monster by scrambling up its arm and hitching a ride in the monster’s ear. He tortures it from within, cutting through its ear drum and, after finding a path to the nostrils, stabbing its inner nasal cavity. Eventually, Wangmagwi deploys a powerful death ray, melting entire buildings, forcing Ahn to finally take action. He executes a risky plan to save his bride and the kid, while hopefully stopping the beast once and for all. 

“Space Monster Wangmagwi” is a 1967 South Korean kaiju film. It was the second giant monster film to be made in South Korea (and first feature length one). A holy grail among kaiju fans, it was long thought to be lost until an original print emerged out of the blue a few years ago. It is being released on physical media for the FIRST time EVER - anywhere in the world - thanks to SRS Cinema.

-Commentary by Seung-hoon Jeong (Assistant Professor of Film and Electronic Arts at California State University Long Beach) and Author and Kaiju Historian John Goodrich.
-Fans Speak Up! - Love for the SWM Release
-Kaiju Fan Trailers (Deron Morgan)
-Kaiju Trailers
-SRS Trailers

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