Someone Down There Likes Me DVD
Someone Down There Likes Me DVD
Someone Down There Likes Me DVD

Someone Down There Likes Me DVD

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Scumfilms - Sinerama Films Distribution
(original title: Někdo tam dole mě me rad)
Duration: 119m 16s
Lang: Czech
Subtitles: English
Ratio: 16/9
Format: NTSC 0
Extras: Behind the Scenes with the SFX team, Trailers, Gallery,
Double sided cover.
Director: Roman Vojkuvka
Stars: Martin Frat, Michal Miroslav, Barbara Mottilova

Ask the Almighty for revenge and you might find him wanting! Otto does and so he turns to the otherside for help. A service that comes at a price...?


"The bloodiest film in the history of Czech Cinema!" This low budget gorefest is the kind of thing you see coming out of Germany quite often. But this is a first for Czechia - more known for their arthouse movies.


Plot (may include spoiler): The lead character is attacked on the way home and ends up in a wheel chair. His wife starts to bring home lovers and make out in front of him. Then suddenly his pretty daughter returns to look after him. However things soon turn ugly when one of the wife's lovers comes round with a bunch of mates who end up raping the two women right in front of him before beating them both to a bloody pulp.

The incapacitated protagonist prays for divine intervention to avenge his wife and daughter. But his prayers fall on deaf ears and so he asks Someone Down There for help. This time his prayers are answered and so a bloody trail of revenge ensues.

This is on mean Czech gorefest packed with bloody prosthetics