Sadie "She Kills" 7" Model Figure

Sadie "She Kills" 7" Model Figure

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Model figure comes fully painted directly from artist Barry Crawford. Hand made and hand painted, part of the popular Clay Guy line.

Sadie's life is destroyed when a vicious gang called "The Touchers" targets her for their sadistic fantasies after witnessing her sexy but innocent naked frolicking in a nearby field. On her wedding night they attack her and her husband Edward, brutalizing both of them. But during the attack the virgin bride discovers a dangerous secret about her body - she is cursed with the legendary "Fire Crotch", a condition where Satan has laid claim to her vagina. After visiting her fortune teller friend Casparella, a space exorcism is attempted on her meat flaps, but it only ends up unlocking secret hidden powers inside her. Her hatchet wound becomes lethal, her most deadly weapon in her thirst for revenge against The Touchers and her fight against lustful men everywhere!

"This sh*t is off the wall bat-sh*t insane and I loved every single o’er the top (way, way o’er, my creeps) moment!"
-Famous Monsters of Filmland

These are expected to ship around the end of May, so please be patient. They are leftovers from the limited edition copies we offered up as part of our "House Shark" fundraiser campaign (these sold copies will continue to fund that production, which wraps this August). They are professionally run & silk screen labels BD-R's from discmakers. They go LIVE Sunday night @ 7pm EST and will show as sold out until then.