Night: The Final Cut Retro DVD

Night: The Final Cut Retro DVD

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Mike Jericho is changing. He stops showing up for work and shuts out the people once important to him. Now, he spends all his time hanging out with his new friends, having fun, and learning how to hunt and kill innocent people. Mike is changing; and his new friends aren't quite human.

Detective Jimi Cannon is searching. He's hitting the streets, fiercely looking for his best friend, Mike.

Now, Jimi must enter a world of shadows and face off - guns blazing - against an enemy that won't die. He'll do everything he can to save Mike, but it will take more than courage for Jimi to survive the NIGHT!

Restored from the original MiniDV tapes in an all new, never before seen, Director’s Cut, this is the definitive version of NIGHT!

-Behind the Scenes
-Deleted Scenes
-Screen Tests from 1999
-Test Fight

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