Hell's Bells Blu-ray

Hell's Bells Blu-ray

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They Always Said They Would Die To Become Rock Stars. Now, They're About To.

HELL'S BELLS is a screwball horror/comedy about two aging imbeciles who unknowingly make a deal with the Devil to fulfill their life-long dreams of becoming rock stars and the hijinx that ensue when it's time to pay The Reaper! It's a riotous, rockin', music-filled, demon-infested, special effects extravaganza that promises to be one HELL of a good time! Think Ash VS. The Evil Dead meets Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare... a fast-paced, witty story that will have people of all ages cheering (and screaming) for more!

Starring Marc "Skippy" Price (Family Ties, Trick Or Treat), Jim O'Rear (Don't Look In The Basement 2, The Hospital, The Dead Matter), and Scott Tepperman (GhostHunters International, Nightblade, Camp Massacre).

Limited edition, just 100 will be made ever! Pre-sales start 7pm EST on 12/10/20 and will show as sold out until then.  Copies are expected to ship around the end of Jan 2021.