Great Buddha Arrive Blu-ray, The

Great Buddha Arrive Blu-ray, The

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A gigantic statue of Buddha awakens and goes on a trek across Japan while the world watches in awe. Featuring an all-star cast of beloved actors from kaiju cinema's history. A modern day reboot of the long lost, and quite possibly first daikaiju film, classic Daibutsu Kaikoku (1934) is a must-see love letter to kaiju cinema with an all-star cast. Directed by Hiroto Yokokawa.

Tentative Extras:
-Behind the scenes featurettes
-Deleted scene
-Kaiju Trailers
-SRS Trailers

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Awards for The Great Buddha Arrival:

Best Film Of The Year - Picasso/Einstein/Buddha International Film Festival of India
Best Feature Film - Cinematic Panic of Tennessee
Best Director : Feature Film - Buzz Vicious Film Festival of Brazil
Best Original Idea - Top Indie Film Awards of Tokyo Japan
Best Editing - The Indie Gathering International Film Festival of Ohio

Among other awards and nominations plus lots of selections including :

Diamond Star International Film Festival of Malaysia
Rising Sun International Film Festival of Japan
South African Horror Fest
Shock Stock of Canada
S.T.U.F.F. of Texas
Madrid Kame Festival
Fixion Fest of Chile
Bastalavista of Germany


"I wasn’t expecting something as fresh and different, so it far exceeded expectations. I’m very glad such a strange and original film now exists in my favorite genre." -Kyle Byrd of Kaiju Transmissions Podcast.

"This movie is a banana-sandwich...I was not remotely prepared for what it of the most INTERESTING things I’ve seen in a while ... It's not predictable, it IS fun, and it's a wild ride. "
Tom Gueli of Letterboxed.

"an interesting combination of documentary, docu-drama, meta-homage, and sequel to the original-but-now-lost film that inspired it. I'm so glad that "The Great Buddha Arrival" exists".
Raf Enshohma of Raf Enshohma's Corner.

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