Gore Trilogy, The Blu-ray (2 disc set)

Gore Trilogy, The Blu-ray (2 disc set)

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Often referred to as the “American Nekromantik”, Hugh Gallagher’s “Gore Trilogy” is a shot-on-analog-video smorgasbord of sleaze and blood that has shocked and delighted underground movie fans for years. Now, for the first time ever, all three movies are presented on one release! This new edition also features a 75 behind the scenes on “Gorotica”, featuring fan interviews and never before seen behind-the-scenes to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the middle child of the trilogy.

GORGASM - "Tara, a psychotic call girl, has a strange obsession with giving men the ultimate climax. Chase is a detective out to stop her killing spree."


-New professional upscale from 2k master edit
-New introduction from Hugh
-Commentary Track

GOROTICA - "Neil and Max are jewel thieves working for the enigmatic Miss Miles. After their latest job goes wrong, Max swallows a large diamond, the main piece from the job, so they won't be caught with the evidence. Unfortunately, he ends up getting shot and killed by a police officer soon after, leaving Neil with a rather sticky situation- how to retrieve the diamond? Meanwhile, he's run into necrophiliac Carrie (Ghetty Chasun), who takes an immediate shine to Max, and promises to help Neil dispose of the body. Problem is, Carrie wants it fresh, and Neil needs to get inside. What to do?"

-New 2k capture
-New introduction from Hugh
-Commentary Track
-75 mins behind the scenes

GORE WHORE - "When a lab assistant steals an important formula and all its documentation from Dr. Whitman, he hires a bottom-of-the-barrel private eye, Chase Barr, to locate it. When Barr digs deeper into the case he finds the lab assistant is actually a dead street whore and the formula is a reanimation agent that, with the consumption of human blood, is keeping her alive! In trying to retrieve the formula, Chase is given a rollercoaster ride through hell as the whore reanimates corpses to attack him and help her hold onto the formula."

-New 2k capture
-New introduction from Hugh
-New Commentary Track with Hugh, Mike McCarthy and Paul Woodard
-Original Commentary Track

-”Dead Silence” full length feature
-New ”Dead Silence” intro
-”Dead Silence” commentary
-”Dead Silence” trailer
-Raw footage from the unfinished “Exploding Angel” feature film.
-New ”Exploding Angel” intro from Hugh
-New ”Exploding Angel” raw footage commentary track
-New ”Gabriela” Gorgasm Interview
-Photo Gallery
-And more!

All extras listed are tentative.

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