Fantom Seducer DVD
Fantom Seducer DVD
Fantom Seducer DVD

Fantom Seducer DVD

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(DIRECTORS CUT) Regional Code: NTSC 0
Languages: English ONLY
Subtitles: (when the Fantom Speaks)
Audio: Stereo (2.0).
Picture Format: Wide-Screen (1.85) - anamorphic (16/9).
Duration: (approx) 99 minutes. (Plus over 2 hours of extras and bonus material)
Extras: Behind the scenes, A Day at the Station, Slow mo sex, Fantom Seducer and Fantom Kiler compared,
Interview with Anastasia Christ, Trailers
Bonus: Four subjective blow job vignettes (approx 47 mins total)

Dir: Roman Nowicki
Starring Sandra Kay, Stacy Silver, Anastasia Christ, Thalia Joy, Lucy Wanderberg, Alena Novotna, Sara Blue, Marketa Brimova


A hardcore reworking of Fantom Kiler 1, substituting sex for violence!!!

All to often the term "Director's Cut" is bandied around all too carelessly but in this case Roman Nowicki has reinstated all the scenes previously declared too strong and risque, added sub titles to the Fantom when he speaks, beefed up the overall sound and added some extra music.

So here is the full uncut version of Fantom Seduser with all the deleted scenes re-instated - Starring Sandra Kay as Ursula Novak.


Sandra Ksy


Bucket Head

Sandra Kay Voyuer

sex in the woods

The Plot: The leader of the Morality Party, Ursula Novak aka Miss Morality (Sandra Kay) arrives at the railway station where she bumps into the two janitors Marek and Darek who have been imagining what she looks like without any clothes. She walks over to ask a question. In Mareks mind he imagines that she is asking for sex and gets it in the middle of the station. A steamy threesome insues. In reality Ursula asks for directions but ends up sitting on the floor with a bucket on her head. This earns Marek a slap in the face as he vows vengeance......