Fantom Killer 2 DVD
Fantom Killer 2 DVD
Fantom Killer 2 DVD

Fantom Killer 2 DVD

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FANTOM KILER 2 (aka Fantom Killer 2 aka Phantom Killer 2)

Regional Code: 0 (All Regions)
Format: NTSC
Languages: Polish/Russian
Subtitles: English..
Audio: Stereo
Picture Format: Slightly scoped
Length: (approx) 85minutes.
Extras: Behind the Scenes with Lilian Cybuslka, Magda Zymborska, Julliette Ninotchka, Two Teraz Promo Films, 
Music video sung by Alicia Malikov, Gallery, Menus set to complete Teraz Tunes.

Stars: Katarzyna Zelnik, Magda Symborska, Lilian Cybulka, Juliette Ninotchka
Director: Roman Nowicki

New 3rd pressing (upgraded to DVD9) 

New Improved Version: The movie had had the sound beafed up, some music has been changed and 1 or 2 scenes re-edited and the total  bit rate increased. Plus loads more extras added!!!!


Who knows what evil lies within the heart of man? The Fantom Kiler knows, for he is a deadly manifestation with an even more dreadful avenge the town's misogynists. With no clues as to the motives of the unspeakable acts of murder, the police are totally ineffectual, thus leaving the women folk at the his mercy of which he has very little. "I'm a lover of independent films and this is almost as independent as you can get, except for the seemingly high payed nude women. The nudity is, again, way over-the-top and of very high quality (it's also much more graphic than the first and the first was very graphic to begin with)....if nudity is what you crave, look no further, this extremely graphic horror film has all the nudity you could possibly want. Check this one out, it's a riot!"