Amityville Bigfoot Blu-ray

Amityville Bigfoot Blu-ray

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The woods of Amityville… A scientist faction, who’s lab formerly sat on the cursed grounds of a famous haunted house in the area, have done the unthinkable - captured Bigfoot! They conduct bizarre experiments on him, however he escapes from their forest prison lab. On the run and enraged, the creature comes across a low budget Bigfoot movie production. Hell hath no fury like a monster scorned as Bigfoot starts picking them off one by one in gory, gruesome fashion! Not even local bird watchers or the chemical company protestors are safe from his wrath! It’s up to two scientists to track the beast down before he wipes out the entire town. An all-star cast of  Eric Roberts, Tuesday Knight, Lauren Francesca, Shawn C Phillips, Lorelei Linklater and Trent Haaga bring you one of the most hilarious, bloody and bizarre Amityville or Bigfoot movies you will have or ever will see!

-Behind the Scenes
-Photo Gallery
-SRS Trailers
-English captions

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