Shipping Delays - Find My Mail

Sometimes a package hits a snagged in transit, where it just stops moving and the estimated delivery date passes. There's a simple solution that we've seen 100% effective so far in getting stalled packages moving and lost packages found - simple swing by and enter your tracking # (as sent to you via email, or if you missed that as indicated on your order page) to start a tracer. Follow the steps on this USPS page, they will ask a few basic things like your last name and zip code, and then inform you they will send you an update within 3 days. Honestly, they almost never send a response, however in all cases (so far) the packages have started to move again within 3-5 business days. In these crazy times, we are seeing more delays than usual, but things will smooth out. Please try this first, and if you are finding your order is still stuck after 5 business days, please drop us a message. We can then start a claim to see if that helps further. Please note, as most our packages ship media mail, USPS may not allow you to put a tracer on the package before the estimated deliver date. 

As always, thank you for your amazing support of SRS Cinema!