Defective Product

Have an issue with your item? We are very sorry to hear! We will need you to return the product so we can access it and either send a replacement (if available) or a refund. Please follow the instructions below:

1) Return the item, packaged safely (original packaging works) via media mail with tracking (costs $2.80). If the faulty product turns out to be a fault on our wnd (see below), we will refund your return shipping costs and send your replacement, if available, at our own cost.

2) Return to:
SRS Cinema LLC
104 Meadow River Dr.
Liverpool, NY 13090

Please include a note indicating the issue and include all original packaging unless we tell you otherwise.

3) Sometimes, esp with print on demand media, errors are made (99.9% of the time at the point of duplication/replication). We can easily take care of this in most cases. However, please note, esp in the cases of BD-R's and DVD-R's, we do not refund or replace for cases where your equipment can not play this media - so double check your equipment is compatible with these formats. For example, PS3's are listed as incompatible with BD-R's, however we will note the vast majority of people we have heard from can play these on PS3's. Upon receing your return, we will test it on 3 different players here to see if we can duplicate the issue. In cases it is a compatibility issue, we will return the product at our cost but we will not refund your original shipping.

In addition, physical media requires care - if product return is damaged due to misuse, such as scratches, fingerprints (esp on BD-R's and DVD-R's), etc., we will send the product back. There will be no refund for the item or your return shipping, however we will cover shipping to send the item back to you. This may seem strict, but you as a buyer are responsible for treating this product with care, and we can not be replacing discs that have been ill-treated.

Any questions, please email us, and thank you!