Tim Ritter Collection - The SOV Years Blu-ray

Tim Ritter Collection - The SOV Years Blu-ray

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For the first time ever, legendary filmmaker Tim Ritter’s shot on video filmography - everything outside his much celebrated “Truth or Dare” series - comes together on one EPIC release! This extras packed release includes:

Disc 1

TWISTED ILLUSIONS [Original 1985 VHS Release, includes TRUTH OR DARE segment] -NEW Upscaled Transfer
-NEW Commentary on original cut with Tim Ritter and horror scholar Matt Hill
-NEW Interview with Joel D. Wynkoop on Twisted Illusions
-NEW Interview with Tim Ritter on Twisted Illusions directed by Susana Kapostasy
-NEW- Stills Gallery with Tim Ritter Commentary

TWISTED ILLUSIONS 2 [Original 2004 Unreleased Cut with Drive-In Ads]
-NEW Upscaled Transfer
-NEW! Commentary with Directors John Bowker, Joe Sherlock, Joel Wynkoop, Cathy Wynkoop, and Tim Ritter
-NEW- Stills And Publicity Gallery
-BIGFOOT LIVES Short [2003] Shot with Twisted Illusions 2 for Ron Bonk's RED FILES

Disc 2

CREEP [Original 1995 VHS Cut]
-NEW Upscaled Transfer
-Extras: Commentary with Director Tim Ritter
-NEW: Commentary with Actor Joel D. Wynkoop and Cathy Wynkoop
-NEW Stills and Publicity Gallery
-NEW Interview with Cult Actor Joel D. Wynkoop
-BONUS! 90 Minute MAKING OF CREEP Feature [Blinded By The Blood 3]
-Interview w/ Tim Ritter [2018]

Disc 3

DIRTY COP NO DONUT [Original 1998 VHS Release]
-NEW Upscaled Transfer
-NEW- Commentary With Director Tim Ritter and horror scholar Matt Hill
-NEW- Stills And Publicity Gallery With Commentary
-Vintage Publicity Interviews with Actor Joel D. Wynkoop and Director Tim Ritter
-Original Trailers
-DVD Promo
-Dirty Cop 2.5 Rock Video by Richard Anasky

DIRTY COP NO DONUT 2: I AM A PIG [Original 2000 VHS Release Restored)
-NEW Upscaled Transfer
-NEW-2023 Commentary with Director Tim Ritter
-Commentary with Producer/Star Donald Farmer
-NEW-Stills And Publicity Gallery
-NEW! Dirty Cop 3 Viral Videos: Simon vs. Gus
-NEW! Hall Of Shame Review Montage 2022

Disc 4

-NEW Upscaled Transfer
-Vintage Commentary with Director Tim Ritter
-New: Stills And Publicity Gallery with Brand New Commentary
-Making Of Virtual FX With Todd Pontsler
-Behind The Scenes Of Director Richard Anasky's 2nd Unit Shoot

-NEW- Interview with Scream Queen SHANNON STOCKIN on working with Tim Ritter
-SHARKS OF THE CORN TRAILER- Ritter's 2021 DTV 4K Video Movie!
-SHARKS OF THE CORN music video- Tim Ritter sings and does his own score!
-Elijah Wood On Being Inspired by Tim Ritter
-Channel 86 Interview: Tim Ritter On The Rise Of Physical Media
-Interview with Tim Ritter on B-Movie Distribution by Scott Tepperman [2020]
-Tony Newton Interviews Tim Ritter On Underground Horror Movies and Moviemaking
-Tim Ritter on Susana  Kapostasy's NIGHT OF THE ZODIAC: SOV Analog Love [2022]
-TRAILERS of Classic 80's and 90's SOV Tim Ritter movies

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