Two More Limited Edition DVDs from SRS Vault Tonight!

SRS is digging into the archives again, and we’re bringing you two ultra rare new limited edition DVD’s – “Chloroformed Too: They Made Her Sleep” and “1-900-Vampire”!

First up, “1-900-Vampire” features two shorts of the same story, produced by legendary “Night of the Living Dead” screen-writer John Russo, who also wrote the original vampire tale. It also features a behind-the-scenes “Making-Of”.  THESE HAVE NEVER BEEN RELEASED BEFORE or pretty much seen anywhere.

Then we have another from quirky filmmaker Sebastian Kult – “Chloroformed Too: They Made Her Sleep”. Initially conceived as an unauthorized semi-sequel to one of our VHS best-sellers, “Chloroformed”, Sebastian ended up giving it his own unique twist. Only ever released on VHS, and near impossible to find (there’s one on Amazon now, for $999.99), this may be your last chance to see this ultra rare sleazefest.

1-900-Vampire – “After murdering and robbing a crooked businessman, three unsuspecting thugs are duped into calling a 1-900 ad.Three gorgeous women are waiting to please them in every way possible, but these beautiful women are more than sexually starved… they’re starving for blood!Unbeknownst to the thugs, they’ve walked into a trap set by one of their own. They should have paid attention to the number they dialed. 1-900-826-7473 seems innocent but it actually speels 1-900-VAMPIRE.If you’re foolish to pick up the phone and call them you have the best time of your life… if you survive.”

Chloroformed Too: They Made Her Sleep – “Three lovely young secretaries plan to blackmail their boss for cheating on his taxes. As they search his home and business for incriminating evidence, he has other plans for them… Slowly and methodically, he and a friend chloroform the trio and pose them as they likes while blasting off provocative pictures of them, turning the tables completely around on the unsuspecting babes! Contains chloroforming, fainting, carrying and more.”

Both titles go up for pre-sales tonight at 7pm EST (10/15/17), and are expected to start ship mid to late November. They are professionally run and silk-screened DVD-R’s by Discmakers and are limited to just 50 copies EVER! Reserve your copies while you still can…