Tumors: Doctor Nightmare Brings you to an ER of Horror!

The young doctor-oncologist receives an offer she can’t refuse – an invitation to a prestigious medical conference in Geneva. There will be a competition there between the greatest medical minds from around the world. But for a victory in this competition the doctor needs the biggest tumor ever seen. For the sake of victory she is willing to do anything, including killing her own patients! However even that may not be enough for her to win, and she will face a gruesome choice in order to take home the top honors. Tumors 3: Doctor Nightmare is not a direct continuation of the previous two parts shot by Alex Wesley, but a new interpretation of the monstrous story – with new experiences, horrors, and, of course, with new victims.

LIMITED EDITIONS, PRESALES start Thurs 10/25/18 @ 7pmEST, ships early to mid Dec 2018. Secure your copy now!

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