Tony Palma & Mark Polonia Bring you a New Knightmare on VHS & DVD

“Knightmare”, from director Tony Palma and producer Mark Polonia, is set to haunt your nightmares from SRS Cinema LLC starting this Sunday night at 7pm EST. The movie will debut from Sub Rosa Studios that night on a limited edition VHS in a Disney Style Clam Shell. Then watch for it to come out on DVD and VOD platforms nationwide on Tuesday 11/18.

“A group of former classmates get together over a weekend for a high-school reunion. Putting the reunion together is Rebecca Crane a formerly shy girl that gained some national celebrity status after writing a coming-of-age book about a shy girl in high school. After a dozen or so guests show up, and dozens of drinks are consumed, the party kicks off into full gear: people catch up, bicker, flirt, and eventually begin getting killed off one by one. At first, no one notices, but by Saturday evening the survivors are confronted by the killer – an unlikely former classmate that has harbored a deep grudge against the graduated class..”

knightmare-dvd-label-lo-res(1)The VHS release will include the full DVD and a mini poster and is $25. The DVD is $9.95 and can be pre-ordered from sites like and

Look for it here on VHS Sunday night.