Tim Ritter’s “Day of the Reaper” Returns on VHS for a Limited Run 11/15/2012!

Tim Ritter’s original cult classic “Day of the Reaper” – shot when he was just a junior in high school on silent Super 8mm and redubbed in editing – returns for a very limited run of only 50 copies on 11/15/2012.  BE READY – this release is sure to sell out, and only 50 will EVER be released!  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.


We’ve revived our beloved but long dormant Sub Rosa Video label for this special edition release, the first in what will definitely be a series of collectible limited edition releases & re-releases in honor of our 20th anniversary in the distribution business.  For just $25 you will get the movie on both VHS and DVD in a hard shell combo box; a copy of Tim’s original artwork on a 4×6 card; a piece of film from the ACTUAL MOVIE; and Tim’s autograph!

4x6 Card

Most special edition VHS re-releases you see these days only offer the VHS for $25 or more, but we realize some fans seeking out this ultra rare movie might just want it on DVD too, so we’re going a step further than most with this release.

In addition, we are trying something else unique…  within the run of only 50 copies, we are offering a special $35 option.  For this price, you get all the items listed above, plus you get our EXCLUSIVE REAPER LEGO FIGURE!  This will be our first of what we plan to be a series of Lego figures carefully designed and specially assembled to tie into Tim’s movies, so fair warning, there will be more and you will want to have them ALL.  And if you think $10 more for just a Reaper Lego action figure is steep, go price out these pieces individually and you’ll see we aren’t making much if anything off this additional charge.  We just thought it would be something cool to do… and envision Ritter’s fans the world over eventually facing the Reaper figure up against the Lego Copper Masked Madman figure, with Lego Angus Lynch watching nearby, all while the Tim Ritter Lego figure directs this gore just off screen… oops, we digress…

Lego Reaper

The new “Day of the Reaper” VHS/DVD goes up for sale on Nov 15th.  We will announce an approx time on our SRS Cinemas Facebook page in the days shortly beforehand (some advice – go “Like” us so NOW so you don’t miss the announcement), so stay tuned – because again, only 50 will be run, and once it’s gone, and they will sell out fast, it is gone for good!