THE VICIOUS SWEET Comes to Bluray with all new Transfer

Ron Bonk’s early critically acclaimed SOV effort, “The Vicious Sweet”, is getting a first ever Blu-ray release via SRS Cinema. The new release will use the original Betacam SP master, delivering the best quality version of the movie ever seen publicly. It goes live for presales tonight 3/8/18 at 7pm EST, with copies expected to start shipping mid-late April 2018.<p>


Popular scream queen Tyler Phenix had it all! A successful career, a nice house, a loving boyfriend named Charlie… and plenty of adoring fans! Her direct-to-video features were guaranteed hits each time out. And her exposure was extending well beyond the b-movie circuit – she was starting to raise the eyebrows of some of the major players in Hollywood as well! And then comes what should have been the greatest day of her life — a proposal of marriage from Charlie, and an offer to work with a critically renowned director. So why does she turn both offers down? Well, Tyler’s greatest fan is asking the same thing. He wants her to be a big star… He wants all the world to love her like he does… In his eyes, she is making all the wrong decisions. And unfortunately for Tyler, he might know exactly why she is doing just that… Zombies and monsters from her movies, as well as the demons from her personal past, take physical form before her as she confronts the path her life has taken in a horrific psychological battle of the wills with her captor.

“A testament that direct-to-video features can surpass multi-million dollar Hollywood fare in terms of watch ability with an original script and top-notch acting.” — Cult Movies

“An engrossing variation on an oft-told tale, this is one of the years’s more enticing new independent releases!” — Fangoria

“Bonk’s careful attention to detail, vision, and pacing keep the viewer’s attention as captive as Tyler herself. Not once does Bonk dip into the cheap thrill department to carry the picture. When the pieces do begin to come together, everything makes perfect sense, thanks to a good bit of clever foreshadowing. The ending, too, is handled flawlessly. A surprise ending that makes perfect sense in the tradition of Brian DePalma.” — Draculina Magazine

“Fueled by claustrophobic, well-written scenes and a plumb role for Ms. Graham, this is a prime example of the direct-to-video genre at its most inventive and enjoyable!” — Shock Cinema

“I haven’t felt this way watching a movie since Henry: Portrait for a Serial Killer” — Marc Polonia, director “Feeders”

“No doubt about it, THE VICIOUS SWEET is one of the most impressive indie videos we’ve ever popped into the VCR!” — Video Crypt

“Ron Bonk has mastered the art of ultra low budget film making with his current flick, a psychological thriller titled THE VICIOUS SWEET. His directing talent shines and Mr. Bonk utilizes the video medium to it’s fullest extent. When you watch this movie you realize he chose tape because of how he was able to manipulate it, not because he didn’t have the finances to use film. A real video masterpiece!” — Debbie Rochon, actress “Tromeo and Juliet,” “Hellblock 13”

“THE VICIOUS SWEET blows the competitors away. Writer/Director Ron Bonk sweeps onto the indie scene with his second feature and puts the majority of the independent horror movies out there to shame! …This story of a madman kidnapping a scream queen is one snappy package, full of style and suspense and surprises. It literally grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until you’re dragged kicking and screaming into a dark abyss of cinematic terror worthy of early DePalma and Lynch! …Ron Bonk and Salt City have clearly emerged as one of the slickest, quality-oriented mini-studios in the indie field with THE VICIOUS SWEET. They are one to definitely keep a (gouged) eye on!” — Tim Ritter, director of “Truth or Dare,” “Killing Spree”

“Writer and director Ron Bonk really surprised me with the way he handled the whole psychological horror aspect of his movie. Seemed like tough ground to tread with this being only his second feature but he more than proved himself a competent storyteller and talented director. With so much bottom of the barrel shit clogging up the entire independent scene now days this bizarre breath of fresh air was actually a treat to sit through.” — Video Wasteland