“The iDol” – Another Rare Toku Movie gets a Proper Release via SRS Cinema!

We’re excited here at SRS to keep bringing you Tokusatsu/Kaiju movies you never thought would make it to North America. Our latest release is the ultra fun sci-fi epic “the iDol”, from Norman England!

A young toy collector named Ken happens upon a rare figure. Unknown to him, the figure is in fact an alien creature with designs on Ken’s fate.

PRESALES starts 7pm EST 6/4/20 – expected to ship approx late July to early August 2020.

Limited edition, just 200 will be sold, however if we sell out by 6/18/20 we will fully replicate the title.

First 200 sales (Bluray and VHS combined) get a free folded 11×17 mini-poster. Mini-poster is not guaranteed so reserve your copy early and increase the chances of getting one!