“The Glasshead” Comes Home for Revenge on Limited Edition Bluray, DVD & VHS

An extremely rare and awesome classic from our old Salt City days gets new life tonight via the SRS label – the b&w super-8mm horror thriller “The Glasshead”!

A group of young campers fall prey to a murderous, implacable menace when a campfire tale turns out to be all too real!

“The Glasshead” has only ever been released on VHS prior, and if you can find that old edition you’d likely have to pay $100s. But not anymore – this all new edition has been newly captured from the Betacam SP master for a limited edition release on Bluray (limited to 50 units), DVD (limited to 25 units) and VHS (limited to 20 units)!

Copies go on sale Thurs 5/7/20 at 7pm EST with shipping estimated for late June. Reserve yours today and be certain to get one (plus save a few $$s on presale pricing) – this one will sell out across the board!