The Donald Farmer Collection Vol. 2 via 2k Transfer of original Super 8mm Shorts Comes to Bluray

SRS Cinema’s “Donald Farmer Collection Vol. 1” was a quiet hit for the company last year, and scored with fans of the underground filmmaker.  So a “Vol. 2” made complete sense, once again coming from a  2k transfer from Donald’s original Super 8mm shorts from the 1970’s, and once again only available on a 200 unit limited edition Bluray!


“Vol 2 contains 4 shorts with intros and commentaries from Donald:

A FISTFUL OF PASTA 3 comical Cowboys set off on a perilous journey, climaxing in a three-way gun duel.

DESPONDENT YEARNING A one night stand leads to romantic obsession and murder.

HOMICIDAL An abusive father accidentally kills his small daughter and tries to cover up the crime. This sets the stage for a violent confrontation between the killer and his wife’s boyfriend.

INTERSPERSIONS 2 girls are living and a hippy lifestyle in a country house.but soon the walls between reality and fantasy start to blend until no one is sure what’s really happening.”

The new bluray arrives Friday night 10/21/16 @ 7pm EST.  GRAB THE BLURAY for VOL.2  HERE ONCE AVAILABLE

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