The Donald Farmer Collection Vol 1 Coming at You Sunday Night on Blu!

Our first of two planned collections featuring the early Super-8mm work of Donald Famer (“Red Lips”, “Scream dream”) arrives Sunday night in limited edition Blu-Ray (professionally run and silk screened BD-R) form.

The Suimmoned

The first 2 shorts, both shot on silent Super 8mm and transferred to 2K HD, “The Summoned” and “A Taste of Flesh”, will include video intros from the filmmaker, director’s commentary tracks, and bonus trailers from some of Donald’s films.  The 2 shorts are around 70 mins in length combined and have never been released before!

The Summoned

THE SUMMONED A doctor and his wife come under attack from a vengeful Incubus and his zombie followers in a blood-soaked tale of supernatural horror. Can this man of science stand up against an inhuman creature with limitless power?

A Taste of Flesh

A TASTE OF FLESH When two friends are lost on a mountain hunting trip, one of them kills and eats the other in order to survive. But now he has a permanent taste for human flesh and needs more victims to feed on. Once back in civilization, the cannibal’s wife has no clue about the murder spree he plans to unleash to feed his flesh-eating urges!!

A Taste of Flesh

They go LIVE Sunday night at 7pm EST (8/9/15).  Be there early so you don’t miss out on this awesome release.