Sub Rosa / SRS Cinema Set to Release Lost Polonia Brother’s Film “Channel 13”

Sub Rosa Studios / SRS Cinema LLC is proud to be handling another lost Polonia Brother’s film, “Channel 13”. How lost is this movie you ask? Well so lost that Mark Polonia had completely forgotten about it’s existence until he came across the raw tapes while going through storage. Here’s what Mark had to say about the discovery:

“Yesterday, I was cleaning up my storage area, which includes a bunch of SVHS and mini-dv tapes and such, basically most of my overflow raw footage and master tapes. Anyway, there’s an oldish bag tucked in a box and I open it, and by God, I discovered a bunch of raw footage for a VHS feature we started after CHURCH OF THE DAMNED, but BEFORE Splatter Farm!!!!!!! I completely, absolutely forgot about it because of the time frame………….it was an anthology of sorts about a kid watching tv and he can only get a channel numbered 13, so he watches these short stories. I have been going through the raw footage and it all appears to be in fairly decent condition. The interesting thing I discovered is a video version expanding/re-creating HALLOWEEN NIGHT, called All Hallows Eve. Some of it is damn impressive and better than HALLUCINATIONS and SF!!!!!!! I’m gonna plow through more of it today and see how much is there. I believe the other story might be an early variation on HELLSPAWN, and another is a rip-off off Motel Hell called SLAUGHTERHOUSE………the project was labeled on the tapes as CHANNEL 13!!!!! This could be the mother of all lost Polonia Bros films!!!!!!!!!!”


Needless to say he was excited. Mark followed that email with this equally enthusiastic update:

“Great! I was impressed with what I saw of All Hallows Eve. Dolly shots, creative lighting, decent gore. We didn’t shoot features in 5 days back then and it shows!!!!! Spent more time working out camera moves. A few things I can’t even believe we attempted!!!!!!! I’ll keep you posted!!!!!!!!”

channel13-004And then:

“I’m still amazed at the find, and honestly don’t remember much about it!!!!!!!!!! We must have started it sometime between CHURCH and HALLUCINATIONS, because we made SF right after Hallucinations.”

After a few days of capturing the footage, Mark noted this to us:

“I believe CHANNEL 13 will be a treat for all fans. I have located the CLAWS OF TERROR segment footage so that gives us 3 segments: ALL HALLOWS EVE; CLAWS OF TERROR; SLAUGHTERHOUSE.” Note: “Claws of Terror” includes some stop-motion monster bird footage. The entire anthology is now cut, and clocks in at 74 mins, which includes a wraparound segment.


We will be setting a release date soon, likely April. The release will tentatively include a 225 unit, Blu-ray edition, 100 unit DVD edition, and a 25 unit VHS edition.

Stay tuned for more info on this exciting release!