SRS & SGL Team up for 2 VHS Releases, “Reichsfuhrer-SS” and “Meet Me There”

SRS Cinema is excited to announce it’s joining forces with SGL Entertainment for the exclusive VHS releases of two of their best genre releases, “Reichsfuhrer-SS” and “Meet Me There”.  Each releases will be limited to just 30 copies starting with “Reichsfuhrer-SS” this Sunday 4/17 @ 7pm EST, followed by “Meet Me There” on Sunday 5/1 @ 7pm EST.


The Reichsfuhrer-SS – Heinrich Himmler was Adolf Hitler’s most loyal henchman and one of the most feared men of WWII. Surprisingly, he had only one problem… He had no stomach for murder! When the Reichsfuhrer-SS becomes physically ill during the execution of Russian POW’s on the Eastern front in 1941, ruthless, careerist SS General Hans Shellenberg rats Himmler out to the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. Hitler tests his loyal Heinrich, forcing him to commit the murder of a Polish prisoner named Danuta with his own hands… thus awakening the Monster within him that will horrify the world for generations to come! Himmler may please his Fuhrer in 1941, but what awaits him after he commits suicide in 1945 is nothing less than Hell itself. See what happens when Himmler meets Erebus, the gatekeeper of Hell! See the nightmarish suffering that awaits the infamous Nazi leader who murdered millions!


Meet Me There – A journey of self-discovery becomes a quest for survival as Ada (Lisa Friedrich, Least Favorite Love Songs) and Calvin (Micheal Foulk, Zero Charisma) encounter the darkness of the past and the unexplainable evil of the present in a town where the only visitors are the ones who’ve come to die. Featuring Dustin Runnels (WWE’s Goldust) and Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother), this intense character study and exploration of sexual trauma will have you covering your eyes and keep you guessing until its final minutes.  DIRECTED BY: Lex Lybrand

Grab the “REICHSFUHRER-SS” VHS here once available – 4/17/16 @ 7pm EST

Grab the “MEET ME THERE” VHS here once available – 5/1/16 @ 7pm EST

Be there early, as you know how these VHS sell out quickly, and watch for more joint releases from SRS and SGL!