SRS Launches on Demand DVD’s for Lost Catalog Titles

We’ve had some requests for DVDs of some of our older and more obscure catalogs titles, features like “Peek-A-Boo… Then I Strangle You”, “The Peeping Nun”, “Strangled Starlets”, “Dark Descent” and more.  Demand isn’t high enough on these movies to do a full DVD release world wide, but we thought it might be cool to revisit these titles on limited edition DVD (DVD-R) runs with the original art whenever possible.  So starting tonight, 7pm EST, we launch with two titles to see what kind of reaction they get.  If they do well, then we’ll do 1-2 more every month as we work through the catalog!

Tonight we launch with two of the aforementioned titles, “Peek-A-Boo… Then I Strangle You” and “The Peeping Nun”, each one featuring new art.  Both are just $14.95 each and will be discontinued at any moments notice.  They should go to replication next week and ship in 2-3 weeks but to be safe we are setting mid-April as the delivery date.

THE PEEPING NUN <– follow the link

Sister Mary is hiding in a world of repression. One sunny afternoon, intending to counsel a young school girl, she finds herself spying on a provocative sunbather. Later, she witnesses a dominant woman chloroform and have her way with the hapless school girl. Instead of stopping the madness, our voyeuristic nun finds she likes what she sees until she gets a surprise from someone who was watching her… She finds it’s not quite the same when the tables are turned! Will she overpower the sadistic Photo Fiend! Contains chloroforming, catfights, topless nudity, girls in lingerie, strangulations, belly button worship, foot worship, tattoo worship and posing.

PEEK-A-BOO… THEN I STRANGLE YOU  <– follow the link

The exploits of the serial strangler “The Skull” have been dramatized on a new fetish video, “Peek-A-Boo…Then I Strangle You!” Director Claude Blackwell has produced a tape detailing the strangler’s encounters with three beautiful women with a shocking twist ending! First, actress/model Destiny Stone appears as a woman just waking up. She puts on a thong and skimpy nightie and proceeds downstairs where she is greeted with the messiest of apartments. What follows is lots of bending over, lots of ass shots and even some topless tub scrubbing! After a short phone chat, she is overcome by The Skull, who strangles her until she flops down on the couch. He bends her over the couch, giving us a terrific ass shot and the segment ends with a hilarious touch. Next, actress/model Susan Gold, recently seen in “They Made her Sleep: Chloroformed Too” appears as an housewife, waking up alone to find a cluttered house. Wearing only a thong and very short nightgown, she picks up! toys, does dishes, unloads laundry, scrubs the tub, bending over constantly, exposing her ass and trying unsuccessfully to keep her breasts from popping out. After an exhausting clean up, she takes a relaxing shower. Afterwards, topless and in a skimpy thong, she is overtaken by The Skull, who strangles her until she passes out. Throwing her over his shoulder, he places her back in the living room for a surprising plot twist. Actress/model Amira Lynn comes home after a hard day at work. She strips down and takes a hot shower. Meanwhile, The Skull sneaks in through a back door. Amira, dressed in lingerie, comes out and it overtaken by The Skull, who chloroforms her until she passes out. She awakens tied to a chair, with a gag in her mouth. The Skull tortures her with strangling and other methods. Amira manages to break free and turns the tables on The Skull for a shocking ending!

Remember, they go live tonight, and grab them soon as they won’t last forever!  Thanks!