SRS launches limited edition VHS Line

In honor of 20th anniversary in distribution, SRS will be launching a series of limited edition VHS titles.  What each title will include will be detailed in the near future, but expect some extra cool bonuses!  Each release will be limited to JUST 50 copies, and all are legit, fully licensed releases.

Our first line of titles, which could pop up as early as November, will focus on Tim Ritter’s extensive filmography.  We will be launching special limited edition VHS releases of “Day of the Reaper” and “Twisted Illusions Ultimate Edition”, the latter of which is a special cut that combines both the original and the sequel.  We will be going through the entire Ritter library, so watch for new releases almost monthly.

Our second line will focus on random out of print SRS releases.  These could debut as early as December.  Titles will be announced soon.

SRP for these limited edition, numbered VHS releases will be $30 each.  Stay tuned to SRS Cinema for more info soon!