SRS Launches First Two Titles in Michael DiPaolo Line – “Transgression” and “Daddy”.

SRS is proud to launch the first two titles in our exciting line of titles from indie filmmaker Michael DiPaolo, and they dark ones – the haunting slasher flick “Transgression” and the sleazy sex horror feature “Daddy”.

Transgression: The Director’s Cut Blu-ray  TV reporter Mary Selby wanted to get inside the mind of a serial killer…now she can’t get out. Transgression is a bleak, subversive, character-driven, psychological drama that explores the extremes in human behavior.

Driven and neurotic, Mary wanted more than to just report the story of a local serial killer, she wanted to understand the compulsions that drove him; so she consulted psychiatrist Dr. Andre Zarem.

Immediately after utilizing her new insights in her newscasts, Mary is contacted by the killer and despite the objections of her police detective/boyfriend, Mary becomes the only link between the killer and authorities.

Mary is taken hostage in a daringly executed kidnapping by the killer, who subjects her to an intense series of sadistic mind games that forever change her life and culminates in the ultimate transgression.

“I’ve seen so many slasher flicks that not much bothers me anymore. These scenes BOTHER ME. My kinda flick”. – Four stars. Joe Bob says check it out. Joe Bob’s Drive-In New York Times Syndicate June 30, 1996

“it’s DiPaolo’s atmospheric, in-your-face direction that puts this slasher pic several notches above the usual, generic fare. At its best, it achieves a brutal, Abel Ferrara-esque honesty, as well as a willingness to confront the darkest niches of human behavior.” -Shock Cinema – Number 7 – Steve Puchalski

“A morally complex tale, Transgression creates a genuinely creepy aura without resorting to gratuitous gore or conventional suspense.” -Phantom of the Movies New York Daily News – March 30, 1994

“It’s just the intelligent kind of shot in the ass that the horror genre needs. If you can find it watch it. You won’t be sorry. ” -Draculina – #19 Spring 1994 – Jay Bliznick

“Gruesome, morbid fare, not helped by a cumbersome flashback narrative structure and absurd religious imagery, but gritty and compelling in its way.” – Sight and Sound – January 1996

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Daddy Blu-ray – HE COMES AFTER BAD LITTLE GIRLS! A series of bizarre sexual crimes shocks a small lakefront community, especially the local sheriff, Sylvia Carlson, whose close personal friends are being attacked one by one. The investigation begins to uncover disturbing revelations about long buried secrets that could destroy both Sylvia and those around her. Dead memories are reborn into a grisly new reality, forcing the villagers to confront their monstrous past as Sylvia must confront the powers that be as well as her own inner demons. A Zombie Revenge Drama set in upstate New York, DADDY combines classic horror film imagery with a story ripped from today’s headlines to create a startlingly original fusion of terror and drama.

“the bloodcurdling climax eradicates all memory of anything before with barefaced nihilism and terror. It’s a sucker punch your feel for some time. Well worth checking out.” -Neon Madness Review by Andy Copp

“…abject, desolate and distasteful…” -The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia, Volume 2

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