SRS Cinema Presents an Incredible Compilation of Indie Trailers

SRS Cinema is excited to present an all-new release that compiles as many of the trailers that we can from our releases over the nearly 10 years. We also dig back as much as possible, including trailers that date back to our earliest days starting from our founding as Salt City Home Video in 1992. Tho these trailers have been included randomly on various SRS releases, this is the first time they have all been put together on one epic release in “Backyard Cinema – the SRS Cinema Trailers”.

In addition, as a bonus, we are reaching out to our indie filmmaker friends and inviting them to include their trailers on the release. This would be a great way to cross-promote and introduce our awesome hardcore fan base to some indie movies they may have never heard about.

“Backyard Cinema” goes up for presales tonight 1/10/19 at 7pm EST, with limited edition copies expected to ship between late Feb to mid March 2019. You can lock a copy down ahead of time at a special sale rate by ordering yours now (note the sale rate will go up after a couple weeks, and then the item will go back to full price once in stock, so SAVE by buying early!).