SRS Cinema acquires “Gun Caliber”, think “Power Rangers” meets “Super Bad”

SRS Cinema is proud to announce the acquisition of the Japanese sci-fi comedy “Gun Caliber” by filmmaker Bueno.  The action packed feature was inspired by TV series like “The Power Rangers” and the “Godzilla” movies, yet given a totally tasteless and politcal incorrect twist in a super hero lead who’s more interested in getting laid then he is in being a hero.


“Get ready to shoot evil in the dick and steal its wallet!

It is the year, 20XX AD. The evil organization known as “Skulldier” is hell-bent on taking over Japan – well, right after they finish their lunch break – with a device known as the “Gen Drive”. But one man stands in their way… Soma Kusanagi. He may be your average, miserable, Smartball Parlor employee in Tokyo’s Old Town, but when evil rears its ugly ass on the Japanese metropolis, he transforms into the gun-slinging superhero GUN CALIBER! He’s a hero who likes his bullets fast and his women even faster… a hero who can beat down evil as if it was his ex-wife!

From the creative Filipino-Canadian mind of indie Tokusatsu director Bueno and his ragtag Tokyo based film group GARAGE HERO, “GUN CALIBER” is a drunk, sexy, euphoric, action packed, Tour-de-Force that’s so hot, you’ll wish your face could melt…

…but then realize it has!”


“Gun Caliber” will tour the film fest circuit over the next few months to a year as part of SRS Theatrical division.  Special physical media limited editions will hit either Spring or Summer 2017 with a full out Worldwide release possibly as early as the fall.  Watch for theatrical dates near your hometown soon!