SRS Brings Back “Howl from Beyond the Fog” and “Sharks of the Corn” on Bluray; Plus “Raiga” 3 Pack Deal!

Three big news events to announce!

1. “Howl from Beyond the Fog” is back! Due to popular demand, we are trying this out… Read on:

THIS IS A SECOND PRINTING OF the “Howl from Beyond the Fog” bluray.

This will feature the new wide release artwork on the DVD to help differentiate it from the original Bluray release. It will be single sided artwork, and there is no mini-poster. It is BD-R limited to 250 units.

However, if we sell 200 of those 250 units by 4/16 we will expand it to an 1000 unit run with pressed discs. If it expands to a 1000 unit run, it will include reversible artwork (most likely it will either be either of the original pieces from Tomoaki Matsumoto or Matt Frank, still deciding), and an 11×17 mini-poster of the wide release artwork.

Units are not expected to start shipping until end July 2021, so please note and be patient.

Set in Kyushu during the Meiji era, a blind girl, named Takiri, and the blind monster from a nearby lake, named Nebula, fight against greedy developers who threaten to take over her family’s land.  Using an all puppet human cast and a fantastic monster suit, it offers a new aesthetic in the world of kaiju films.  


“Keizo Murase, the designer of the original Varan suit (and special effects whiz for The H-Man, Mighty Peking Man, and more) was tapped to create Howl’s GORGEOUS monster suit.”

“This is a haunting, atmospheric little fable that takes classic kaiju thriller story beats and marries them with the eerie mood and structure of a traditional Japanese ghost story.  Director/writer/producer Daisuke Sato points to the Daimajin trilogy as one of their biggest inspirations, and that’s an easy connection to see.  But the setting, mood, tone and handcrafted nature of the miniatures and puppets also made me think of Bram Stoker’s Dracula from 1992 and 1964’s Kwaidan.  Spooky but beautiful films where theatrical artificiality is a front-and-center artistic choice that enhances the haunting, dreamlike atmosphere.” 

This is a 35 min short with a 35 min making of. It is one of the best kaiju motion pictures made this century.

Tentative Extras for 250 unit run:

-35 min Making of
-SRS Trailers

If we reach sales goal of 200 units by 4/15, an additional tentative extra will be:

-Reversible art (tba)
-11×17 mini poster of new wide release art

2. “Sharks of the Corn” is back!

Not as dramatic as “Howl”, but we still have been fielding multiple requests from people who missed out on this limited Bluray. Didn’t help we got MAJOR PR for it at the end of the original run, leaving lots of interested folks hanging. So we’re bringing it back with 100 units ONLY. Once gone, than that’s it.

3. Raiga 3 Pack is up!

And finally, in honor of “Kaiju week” (celebrating the release of “GvK”), we’re putting the “Raiga” series on sale for the first time! Grab “Reigo”, “Raiga” and “Ohga” Blurays bundled together for one low sale price now through next Friday.