SOV horror homage “HI-8” coming to DVD and VHS this Fall

“HI-8”, an anthology in which SRS (Ron Bonk) contributed a segment to, is finally coming to VHS and DVD.  Read on…

Eight veterans of the grassroots horror scene came together to create a tribute to the shot-on-video flicks of the ’80s and early ’90s, so naturally, it’ll be available on both VHS and higher-end formats when it comes out later this year.

PR pic from our segment

Wild Eye releasing has announced that it has picked up worldwide rights to HI-8 (HORROR INDEPENDENT 8), an anthology feature that brings together KILLING SPREE’s Tim Ritter, CAMP BLOOD’s Brad Sykes, 100 TEARS’ Marcus Koch, THE VICIOUS SWEET’s Ron Bonk, DEMON QUEEN’s Donald Farmer, ZOMBIE BLOODBATH’s Todd Sheets, MULVA’s Chris Seaver and SOV: THE TRUE INDEPENDENTS’ Tony Masiello. All of these filmmakers were restricted from using hi-def digital technology or FX in creating their shorts, which run the gamut from gruesomely satirical to deadly serious. “With current high-profile anthology series like V/H/S and THE ABCs OF DEATH coming from larger studios,” says Wild Eye CEO Rob Hauschild, “it is brilliant to see some of the pioneers of genre home video band together with camcorders in hand to show off the everlasting love, determination and creativity that’s found in truly independent horror filmmakers.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Wild Eye Releasing,” says Sykes, also an executive producer on the movie. “HI-8 is a unique, old-school horror anthology that stands apart and I wanted a distribution partner who understood and appreciated that. We have been aware of Wild Eye releases for some time, and noticed that they release edgier indie horror films and give each film individual attention, unlike some distributors who treat movies like ‘product.’ ”

hi8002HI-8 will debut as a limited-edition VHS (artwork above) in October, and it will be released the following month on VOD and a special-edition DVD with lots of bonus features. Stay tuned for further details.