Shark Week Feeding Frenzy Continues with BAD CGI SHARKS Presales!

Let’s be honest, can we ever get enough of shark week? But then it ends, and we go back to living our boring lives, working at our boring jobs, listening to our boring families yammer on, while we dream of the day those beautiful nightmares of the deep will return. Well now you can stop dreaming and start living – make it shark week year round with your very own copy of the hilarious new film “Bad CGI Sharks”!

Exclusive Bluray Art

When two estranged brothers, uptight Matthew and free-spirited Jason, reunite after years apart, they have much more to worry about than just clashing personalities. A magical muse brings their unfinished childhood script to life and soon a poorly rendered shark is floating through their neighborhood, thirsty for blood! As the brothers flee through the night, they’re forced to face their broken bond and dashed dreams. Written, produced, and directed by MaJaMa, Bad CGI Sharks is a hilarious, meta take on the sharksploitation genre that ends up being a tribute to creativity itself. Think watching bad shark movies sucks? Try living one!

Region Free Bluray. Presales begin Thurs 8/1/19 at 7pm EST and will show as sold out until then. Copies are expected to ship mid to late Sept. Orders can not be cancelled once placed. Reserve your copy during presales and save! Limited edition, only 100 blurays and 25 vhs will be made! Artwork is exclusive to each physical media format.