Sexsquatch Returns to Face Teen Ape in this Sequel to the Big Foot Camp Hit

“Sexsquatch”, the most popular of all the Chris Seaver flicks SRS has produced over the years, is back… and this time he faces a new nemesis in “Sexsquatch vs. Teen Ape”.  The sequel, which won’t hit national DVD and VOD until late this year, will be offered up with the original “Sexsquatch: The Legend of Blood Stool Creek” in a limited edition Blu-ray and VHS release.  The two movies are being presented under one title… “Sexsquatch: Return to Blood Stool Lake”.


“Sexsquatch: The Legend of Blood Stool Creek” – Teen Joey Jeremiah has the highest of high ambitions. He wants to be the president of ALL of show business someday. But the thing is, Joey has spent so much time focusing on scripts and dreams of Hollywood that, gasp, he has completely neglected ever getting laid! So his friends, as any great group of friends would do of course, have gathered for a party weekend at scenic Blood Stool Creek to throw joey a “get laid” party. Teens… woods… beer… sex… what could possibly go wrong? Well surprise, surprise, a storm is brewing around the beach house. The scenic wooded area that plays host to their good times also houses a sinister beast. He’s blood thirsty, intelligent, eloquent, covered in hair, and HORNY as hell. No, we aren’t talking about Ron Jeremy here folks… We’re talking about STINK FIST, the SEXSQUATCH! One by one, the gang falls victim to the Sexsquatch’s particular brand of beastly bestiality. Will they figure out how to protect their butt holes from the onslaught and kill the beast before it’s too late?! Spoiler alert… No. The legend, it’s true… Big Feet… Big Pe… SHUT YOUR MOUTH… What? Just talking about SEXSQUATCH: THE LEGEND OF BLOOD STOOL CREEK!

“Sexsquatch 2: Sexsquatch vs. Teen Ape” – Years have passed since the sexual onslaught of “Stinkfist, The Sexsquatch”, a horned up Big Foot like beast who killed and violated the nubile teens at Blood Stool Creek. But you can’t keep an interstellar sexual species like the Sexquatch down for long!  Another of the species, FIST STINK, has landed on Earth to unleash his own special brand of “love” on the population. But Fist Stink has learned of another sexual dynamo who is horning in on the his Casanova-like business – “Teen Ape”, known around the universe as “the one true lover and leaver of woman”, is cutting into his game.  When Teen Ape and his friends get together to throw an ultimate “sex” party, Fist Stink crashes the good times, challenging Teen Ape to a contest to see who is the most powerful sexual devastator of them all. It’s TEEN APE VS SEXSQUATCH in the ultimate battle of the sex-crazed monsters. Grab your umbrellas ladies because things are about to get MOIST!

“Sexsquatch 1 & 2: Return to Blood Stool Lake” pre-sales go LIVE this coming Sunday night 2/21/16, 7pm EST.  The Bluray is limited to 100 copies and the advance VHS editions to just 25.  Be there early and lock your copies down, will ship approx 3-4 weeks after pre-sales begin.

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