Polonia Brother’s Double Feature “Lethal Nightmare/Hallucinations” Goes LIVE on Blu-Ray Sunday Night!

This Sunday night, the Polonia Brothers hit Blu-ray in another limited edition release from SRS Cinema!

Back in 1986, Mark and John, just teenagers, embraced VHS to make one of their very first features, “Hallucinations”. They co-directed and co-starred in the movie along with Todd Michael Smith, and immediately displayed talent for assembling spooky stories that didn’t shy away from gore – something their legions of fans have come to love about their work. In 1991, they were enlisted to remake this trippy horror story but now on Super-8mm and under the new title “Lethal Nightmare”. Tho very similar movies, the Polonia Brother team (once again co-directing and co-starring with Smith) showed some real growth in crafting a horror tale. Unfortunately, the distributor went belly up before it was released, and both movies remained basically lost until Sub Rosa Sudios released them on VHS over the last 2 years. Those VHS releases both sold out in near record time, and demand to see them has only increased since.

Now SRS is bring them back as one double feature and on Blu-Ray for the first time. The release is limited to JUST 200 copies (BD-R’s), so you will want to be there early – or end up paying 2 or 3x more on Ebay later. Here’s the synopsis: “2 nearly lost early works from The Polonia Brothers! “Lethal Nightmare” – super-8 remake of their early SOV project entitled “Hallucinations”, This film is an exploitation journey through the mind, on route to a lesson in the macabre. Horror has many forms, many shapes, and many hiding places. As three brothers of different backgrounds, of different frames of mind grow apart, their fears grow rabid and real! Will the terror ever, ever stop?! Produced in 1991. “Hallucinations” – same plot, but when they Brother’s were younger, produced in 1986 and among their earliest work ever! 2 Features, both are upscaled to HD from the original VHS elements (Lethal Nightmare film is lost, using orig. transfers to VHS, and the audio has dropouts in it, but given it’s the original track with John on it, Mark wanted to preserve it as is), plus commentary tracks.”