Patreon now Live!

Hello everyone, my name is Ron Bonk and I run SRS Cinema,, one of the oldest continually running indie horror labels in the world (31 years this April, 2023). I've produced over 60 movies, directed a dozen of those myself, and handle distribution on over 1000 movies in all my years doing this.

For 2023, I have some exciting projects planned: shorts, proof-of-concepts and features. I’ve launched this Patreon specifically to raise funds towards my personal projects – motion pictures I will be directing myself. In grateful return, I’d like to offer filmmakers and fans a chance to get an inside look at all things SRS on a scale I’ve never done before. I’ve set up 3 Patreon levels to aid me in my quest:

$5 - “Special Thanks”

  • Once a month, I'll post either a pre-recorded video or host a live video chat and talk distribution and/or production.
  • “Special Thanks” in end credits on my short motion picture productions.
  • Access to exclusive community to chat all things SRS.

$10 - “Associate Producer”

  • Everything with the "Special Thanks" tier.
  • PLUS first news on my latest SRS Cinema productions and acquisitions.
  • PLUS you also get an “ASSOCIATE PRODUCER” credit on my latest short work.
  • First access to these short motion pictures prior to national release.

$25 - “Executive Producer”

  • Everything from "Associate Producer".
  • PLUS first sneak peaks, behind the scenes info, pictures and/or videos on my latest SRS Cinema productions and acquisitions.
  • PLUS an upgrade to an “EXECUTIVE PRODUCER” credit on my latest short motion picture.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed talking about all aspects of movies with a multitude of filmmakers and fans. I’ve thought about how I might share my knowledge and experience on a larger scale, and this is where this Patreon comes in. I look forward to having you all join me on set this year!

-Ron Bonk

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