Now on Indiegogo – “Motorboat” and “Doll Shark”

While we’ve been promoting these heavily on social media and in the newsletters, we’ve failed to inform viewers on our site about our recent Indiegogo efforts! First up, already finished and in-demand (could end at any point) was our highly successful “Doll Shark” event. It raised over $7k, and brought a lot of new eyes on the SRS productions. Currently up and running, in week 2 and over its goal, is “Motorboat”, at just over $1.5k with about 3 weeks left. Both these movies are produced by SRS Cinema, with ideas from Ron Bonk, and directed by the team of Mark Polonia and his son Anthony (aka “The Polonia Bros.”). There’s a few legendary names in there! Both productions also feature artwork EXCLUSIVE to the physical media and merchandise in the perks. So if you want to own these movies, in this form, you better get on over there now.

We’re also offering other amazing opportunities – on one end, we have the special thanks perk, which get you listed in the movie’s credits and on the imdb page. On the other end, we have producer credits – you can have your name plastered along side cult filmmaker Mark Polonia while supporting him! In between, we offer a variety of support choices, but among them are opportunities for you to be in the movies, whether it is your name, a picture or voice; or actually acting in it, such as characters, newscasters, even podcasters are welcome (good advertising opportunity – these movies get viewed by 1000s and over and over again!).

So don’t hesitate, these will end without warning after they go in-demand, and in turn you are helping support a small indie label and underground filmmakers.



We have more campaigns coming too, so stay tuned!

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