No Joke, SRS Cinema April Titles Have Launched!

It's April 1st, and though we love nothing more than a good prank, we're not joking when we say we have 4 new titles for you this month, including the latest from Shinpei Hayashiya with "War of the Ninja Monsters: Jaron vs Goura Blu-ray"! Shinpei has killed it with his Reigo/Raiga/Ohga series, and this is his best kaiju offering yet.

Though we love the giant monster movies, we do have some counter programming this month as well. The highly anticipated "Amityville Turkey Day" finally arrives for pre-sales. This is Will Collazo's and Julie Anne Prescott's sequel to their fun-filled "Amityville Thanksgiving" - but this time, we do have a killer turkey! We also have 2 from Italy, from our 2 favorite director's there, with Davide Pesca's art-house gore flick "Dreams of Flesh"; and Fabrizio Spurio's haunting and bloody "Anubi". 

As always, we have a combo pack and related merchandise. Also note, physical media doesn't start shipping until late July for BD-R's and late August for pressed discs (if we hit the replication goal).

-April Combo Pack
-"War of the Ninja Monsters: Jaron vs Goura" Blu-ray
-"War of the Ninja Monsters: Jaron vs Goura" T-Shirt
-"Amityville Turkey Day" Blu-ray
-"Amityville Turkey Day" T-Shirt
-"Dreams of Flesh" Blu-ray
-"Dreams of Flesh" T-Shirt
-"Anubi" Blu-ray
-"Anubi" T-Shirt

Thank you all for your amazing support of indie cinema!