New on Indiegogo – “WOKE”!

We are LIVE with the “Woke” Indiegogo, to be directed by Bobby Canipe Jr. This paranoia style horror/sci-fi flick is a must for fans of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, “The Faculty” or “Disturbing Behavior”. We did a soft launch this weekend and shot past our 30% goal, now standing at over 111%! Help us keep this going so we can keep this campaign trending (we’ve gone as high as #2 already under “film”). We have physical media (Blu-ray and DVD with exclusive Indiegogo art), as well as cameo perks (such a voice in movie, newscaster, podcaster, etc), all the way on up to Associate Producer, Executive Producer, etc. So please, grab a perk, and then share, so we can make this all we want it to be,