Massage Parlor of Death Set for a Happy Beginning this Sunday on VHS & Blu

Richard Mogg’s “Massage Parlor of Death” finally arrives on VHS & Blu-Ray this weekend from Sub Rosa / SRS Cinema. The movie, though shot on HD, was given an authentic look that you would swear looks like the movie was shot on analog video. It harkens back to the heyday of SOV of the 90’s, so if you’re a fan of those movies then you’ll love this one!

massage001“Ruby, an unlicensed massage therapist, has a nasty habit of killing her clients in the most horrific ways. Using the blood of her victims, Ruby attempts to resurrect the deranged spirit of her long-dead lover. But will her newly-hired hooker “employee” throw a wrench (or more) into the mix? You’ll have to find out in “MASSAGE PARLOR OF DEATH”… where there are NO HAPPY ENDINGS!”

massage005The VHS comes in a clam shell edition only in a disney style clam shell. Blu-Ray will have extras features on it TBA.

Allow 4-6 Weeks for delivery. The movie goes LIVE 1/18/15 7pm EST.

Get the VHS, limited to 30 units only ever, HERE. (SOLD OUT)

Get the Blu-Ray, limited to 100 units only ever, HERE. (SOLD OUT)

Come February you can get the DVD from MVD HERE.