Killcast set for production from Josh Graves and SRS Cinema!

Hello there, I'm Ron Bonk, owner of SRS Cinema (an indie production & distribution company now in its 31st year). I’m once again collaborating with the red-hot, award-winning director Josh Graves (“CHUM!”, film festival darling “Late Checkout” with Felissa Rose Miller) to bring you a scary, fun-filled, thriller based of the growing popularity of podcasts called "Killcast"!

Bodies are piling up in the city, and a mysterious killer plagues the streets. With zero leads on the killer's identity, a local true crime podcaster decides to do her own investigating, discovering clues as she spreads news about  the gruesome murders. Soon she has the #1 podcast in America, but when the murders suddenly stop, her once thriving show sinks. Now she'll do whatever it takes to get the news flowing again, going deep into the dark underbelly of the town, and uncovering secrets that should have stayed buried.


You all know what it's like to work on a labor of love - and that is what Josh is doing here. Filmmaking isn't his first job... yet. We've got a lot of great plans together, and hopefully this is just the start of another long-term relationship that SRS has enjoyed with so many filmmakers over our 31+ years. I've produced many movies, and I have a reputation of getting these projects delivered and out into the market, and my prior campaigns have rave reviews. Between the two of us, we will deliver beyond expectations. Stop investing in filmmakers who never get their movies done, or they get them done but you never see them again - THIS WILL GET DONE AND QUICKLY! Being involved with SRS means exposure - You can watch our movies all over the world - North America, Japan, across Europe, South America and more - VOD on the biggest outlets (iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, etc), physical media on Blu-ray, DVD and even VHS, and on the shelves of the biggest retailers around (Walmart, Best Buy and more). Your support helps us get the movie done, and you in turn get your name in the movie for fans everywhere to see your dedication, support and love.