Kaiju Clash! God Raiga takes on King Ohga in these Special Editions from SRS

The trilogy is complete… Raiga returns for one more battle, this time facing the underground Kaiju Ohga in the brand new monster movie “God Raiga vs King Ohga”. SRS is launching special edition Bluray and VHS editions for presales tonight.

The giant monster Raiga returns, rising in Atami Harbor and attacking the city. A second Kaiju, Ohga, soon joins the chaos, and the two monsters clash, destroying large sections of the city. Defense forces launch two new weapons, the giant tank Kamikaze and the drill tank Gokumei, to meet the the monster invasion head on. But as the beasts work their way to Tokyo, will they be enough to stop the monsters from laying waste to the city?

As mentioned, presales start Thursday 2/6/20 at 7pm EST and will show as sold out until then. Copies are expected to ship mid to late April 2020. The VHS is limited to just 50 copies, with the Bluray set at only 300 – however if we sell all 300 Blurays out by Thurs 2/20 we will expand the run to 1000 FULLY DUPLICATED copies (just like we did with “Reigo” and “Raiga” prior). Please help us reach our goal – grab a copy and spread the word! The first 300 sold in Bluray/VHS combined will get a free 11×17 mini-poster of the amazing art by Matt Frank and Jeff Zornow.