Jason Trost of “The FP” Fame Set to Join the 2015 Underground Filmmakers Showcase

The Underground Filmmakers Showcase, a part of the many awesome activities at Scare-A-Con, has added another guest filmmaker, and it’s an amazing addition:  Jason Trost, director and actor from the cult hit “The FP“. We can’t begin to say how excited we are to add Jason to the mix!

trost002Jason attained a cult following back in 2011 with “The FP”, which he co-directed with his brother Brandon.  “The FP” enjoyed enormous success in the film festival circuit which lead to a limited theatrical run and eventual home video release via Drafthouse Films.  He’s gone on to make additional indie including “All Superheroes Must Die” and “Wet and Reckless”, and has also had cameo appearances in such movies as “This is the End” and “Hatchet III”.  He’s latest movie “How To Save Us” is wrapping up a successful film festival run and comes out in select theaters and VOD in North America on June 5th.


We will be screening “How to Save Us” and potentially more of Jason’s work at this year’s Scare-A-Con.  He’ll also be joining us on many of our filmmaking and acting panels during the event.


Jason joins previously mentioned guests Eric Stanze (“Scrapbook”) and Mark Polonia (“Splatter Farm”).  Event organizer Ron Bonk (“She Kills”) will also be on hand as well as actor Michael Merchant (“Night of Something Strange”, “Science Team”).  Stay tuned here for more actor announcements soo