If you happen to have a Family Video store near you – the last large video store chain in the USA –and you happen to swing in, look for SRS Cinema’s very own “She Kills” debuting on shelves there just this past Tuesday!  Better yet, give it a rent in the brand-new exclusive artwork and enjoy some good ole fashion Grindhouse/exploitation cinema this weekend.

And if you happen to spot a copy, post a pic and hastag it with “#shekillsmovie” on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we’ll enter you in a drawing to win a free one sheet poster for the movie.  Rent it, and tag the disc in a pic, and we’ll enter you twice to win!  The poster is a true one sheet, and it is amazing… like blows the “Spiderman: Homecoming” poster away amazing, featuring work from comic book artist Tim Tyler.

We’re super excited about “She Kills” landing on shelves at Family Video – especially since one of the stores is within a mile of our offices and we frequent it often. This small, low budget movie is really proving to be a true underdog success story in the indie distribution circuit, with rave reviews, dozens of film festivals and showings (and more invites still coming), European theatrical distribution, Cable TV deals, Itunes in the USA and UK and so much more.  And there’s more big news coming with some developing partnerships. The movie has even managed to pull off the rare feat of recouping all the production and release costs PRIOR to the wide release this past April!

SRS Cinema is working with Family Video to bring more titles to the chain this year.  We’ll post more news as new titles hit the shelves there.  To own one of the VERY limited Family Video edition DVDs (with large orders you get overruns, and we had them shipped to our warehouse), or the regular wide release DVD, or the limited edition Bluray or VHS (both are running out quickly), swing on by