Great Story and Great Gore, SOV Flick “Snuff Kill” Comes to Blu-ray for First Time

Doug Ulrich made some amazing shot on video movies back in the day, like “Darkest Soul” and “Scary Tales” and this one, “Snuff Kill”. SRS is proud to bring it to Blu-ray for the first time with a brand new capture and cleaning/brightening from the original movie master tape!

Doug is an avid horror fan and Ralis is the lead singer of a theatrical rock band. Together they set out to make their own “Horror Movie”. But during the filming of a murder scene, the special effects turn out to be all too real and Doug discovers the sinister side of his partner Rallis and his own fascination with real like horrors. 

PRESALES start 11/19/20 at 7pm EST with copies expected to ship by late Dec. ONLY 100 copies will be sold EVER.