GORE THEATRE Brings the Best Gore Shorts from Around the Globe

The Butcher revels in his work, whether it is curating horror films with a high gore content, or making light work of his own victims.Welcome to the Butcher’s ‘Gore Theatre’ a nasty collection of macabre tongue-in-cheak gore flicks from directors across the globe. Explore the strange world of the butcher, from crazed clowns, vengeance, psychotic operations, demons and monsters, something for every gore hound! Roll up!
DVD-R and BD-R professionally run by Discmakers. Pre-Sales start 4/5/18 @ 7pm EST, will start shipping approx mid-May 2018. We can not cancel orders during the pre-sale event even if there is a delay in shipping. Limited edition, just 50 will be sold on Bluray and 25 on DVD! Take advantage of the discounted price during pre-sales only!